Update Jan 16, 2023

We are currently closed. We plan to reopen a training space in the future.

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More about the current situation

This wonderful project that is the Ottawa Circus School is not over, we are just taking a pause.

We have had a wonderful summer running day camps and weekly classes outdoors under tent covers in the green space. The almost sold-out programs showed that our community enjoyed it!

We look forward to continuing our adventure in a new indoor space.

Here above is a 1 minute edit of our highlights from one of our the Student showcases

What are circus arts?

Recreational circus arts are a great way to stay active while having fun, meet new people and challenge your body and mind at your own rhythm, develop and express your creativity, build self-confidence, strength and flexibility and feel good in your body. Most of all, circus arts are fun and when you find an activity that is fun, you will want to do it over and over.

Aerial silks, static trapeze, partner acrobatic lifts, juggling, hula hooping, unicycle, tight rope and tumbling are all part of our programming for adults and for children. Skills are adapted to the level and age of participants so as to be accessible to everyone. Some intermediate classes are available for those wanting to push the technique further.