Kids and teens classes

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Aerial Arts

We offer aerial silks, static trapeze and lyra (hoop) classes for children who are 8 years old and above. The class structure allows each participant to progress at their own pace. Safety is a priority and techniques are taught progressively and low to the ground, over crash mats at first. Our ratio of 1:7 (regular classes) or 1:4 (low-ratio classes) allows for lots of individual attention and spotting. Part of each class is floor work to build strength, flexibility and body awareness to then learn the fun and exhilarating moves on the aerial apparatus! If children are new to aerials it is recommended to start with the 4-class Intro to Aerials session before joining an ongoing weekly class.

Floor Gymnastics and Acro

Floor gymnastics and acro includes tumbling, handstands, partner lifts, and strength and flexibility training. This class helps kids develop strength, flexibility and body awareness and is a great foundation for all the other circus arts. It is also a great complementary class to aerials or other circus arts when students come for 2 or more classes each week. In this class, children will learn floor gymnastics techniques such as dive rolls, front walk-overs, cartwheels moving towards hand springs and flips as well as the basics of hand-to-hand acrobatic lifts, acro-sport and human pyramids. Some contortion training is included for those who are interested.

Prop manipulation and juggling and unicycle

Children ages 9+ can join the unicycle and prop manipulation class and work on one or both of these disciplines. Guided by our coaches, they will learn skills with various circus props such as balls, scarves, clubs, rings, flower sticks, diabolo, poi and more. Learn to pass clubs, do impressive tricks, create sequences and find your flow.


It takes some practice and guidance to get the feel of cycling on one wheel, but once you have it, it is so much fun! Unicycles and props are available to use during class and for sale. Wear clean indoor shoes that are closed toe and that tie up snugly.

Mixed circus arts

This class will offer children the opportunity to learn a wider variety of circus arts. In this class: 1/3 of each class is aerial silks, 1/3 is floor gymnastic/tumbling/acro and 1/3 is juggling and prop manipulation. We may introduce unicycling once or twice during the session.

This is a great way for the children to try different things and see which circus discipline they enjoy the most or continue to learn all 3.

Our coaches are bilingual (English/French).

Dress code for aerials: Absolutely no zippers, buttons, eyelets, plastic, velcro or metal of any kind on clothing or jewelry, as any of these could tear the fabrics as well as be uncomfortable for the trapeze and lyra. Wear athletic clothing that is stretchy, shorts that are either fitted or can be tucked in so you can move freely and go upside down. Long leggings or track pants are good and shirts with sleeves are usually ideal for certain moves. We will work barefoot.

Dress code for tumbling: Wear athletic clothing that is stretchy, but fitted so you can move freely. A fitted shirt or one that can be tucked in so you can go upside down. Leggings, shorts or track pants are good and shirts with sleeves are usually ideal for certain moves. We will work barefoot.

Dress code for unicycling: Clean indoor shoes.

Dress code for juggling and balancing: Athletic clothing that allows freedom of movement.

Bring: A water bottle.

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Youth volunteer opportunities

For intermediate to advanced kids and teens, 12+ years of age

Youths of 12 years old or more who have done at least a full year of circus programs and have a good grasp of the basic techniques in some or most of the art forms can offer to be assistant teachers. They would help teach the basics to the younger and more beginner kids while also having the opportunity to learn new tricks every week themselves as well as practice their circus skills and provide inspiration for beginner students. If they come as volunteer helpers, their participation is free. If interested, please contact us in advance to see if they qualify.

A few of our volunteers have now become instructors.

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