Open gym/Jams

What are Open Gym/Jams?

Open gym and jams are self-directed practice sessions to offer the community opportunities to get together for practice and training in a nice space. There are no formal instructions. It is an opportunity for people to share skills and support each other’s practice as well as practice what they have learned during classes. Also, a great way to meet like-minded people and grow the community.

Currently, in the winter and spring of 2024, open gym is offered at no cost if you are registered in at least 1 weekly class. For current students for the moment, you do not need to reserve in advance, this may change if we start to get very busy during open gym.

If you are not currently registered in a weekly class, you must reserve your spot online in advance for open gym.

Cost for winter-spring 2024: $15 one-time drop-in or $40/month for 2 times a week. The system will register you until June but you can cancel monthly payments at any time (with 5 days notice).

Arrive or leave anytime during the 1.5-hour time frame.