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Participants are guided by professional artists into the wonderful world of circus where they are stimulated both physically and intellectually. The classes are a great form of fun exercise and an opportunity to learn a wide range of circus skills!

Instructors will guide the participants to develop circus skills at their own pace. During the Circus Class participants have the opportunity to experience all the circus arts we have here at the circus school such as prop manipulation (juggling, flower-stick, diabolo, poi, hoops) aerials arts (trapeze, silks), balancing (unicycling, rola-bola, tightrope) floor gymnastics and more.

The fall session has begun but you can still sign up for the rest of the session at the pro-rated price as long as the class isn’t full. Registration for the winter session begins on November 15th.

Mixed Circus Classes registration links:

SeasonAgeDatesTimeCostRegister here
Fall4-5 yearsThursdays Sept 7th- Dec 21 6:00-6:30 pm$160 for 16 classes
Fall4-5 yearsSaturdays Sept 9-Dec 169:00-9:45am$180 for 16 classes
Fall6-7 yearsThursdays Sept 7th- Dec 21 6:30-7:00 pm$160 for 16 classes
Fall6-7 yearsSaturdays Sept 9-Dec 169:45-10:30am$180 for 16 classes
Fall8-11 yearsThursdays Sept 7th- Dec 21 6:00-7:00 pm$240 for 16 classes
Fall8-11 yearsSaturdays Sept 9-Dec 169:00-10:30am$255 for 16 classes
Winter4-5 yearsThursdays Jan 11th- March 86:00 pm-6:30 pm$90 for 9 classes
Winter4-5 yearsSaturdays Jan 6 - Mar 179:00-9:45am$132 for 11 classes
Winter6-7 yearsThursdays Jan 11th- March 86:30-7:00 pm$90 for 9 classes
Winter6-7 yearsSaturdays Jan 6 - Mar 179:00-9:45am$132 for 11 classes
Winter8-11 yearsThursdays Jan 11th- March 86:00-7:00 pm$135 for 9 classes
Winter8-11 yearsSaturdays Jan6 - Mar 179:00-10:30am$187 for 11 classes

Mini Cirque’s, award winning professional circus artists have been performing, teaching and creating programs for young people for many years. Young people are guided into the wonderful world of circus where they are stimulated both physically and intellectually. The workshops are fun too!

Instructor Sophie Latreille is bilingual, French and English.

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Dress code: Athletic wear. No jeans, no skirts. Shoes with good grip that tie up tightly for unicycling. Fitted stretchy clothes for going upside down. Leggings or track pants with no zippers, buttons or any metal of plastic for aerial arts.


Mini Cirque Youth volunteer and work opportunities

For intermediate to advanced kids and teens, 15+ years of age

Youths of 15 yrs or more who have done at least 2 full Mini Cirque circus programs or equivalent (intensive 5 day school workshops, evening classes or day camps) and have a good grasp of the basic techniques in some or most of the Mini Cirque art forms can offer to be assistant teachers. They would help teach the basics to the younger and more beginner kids and also have the opportunity to learn new tricks every week themselves as well practice their circus skills and provide inspiration for beginner students. If they come as volunteer helpers, their participation is free, if interested please contact Sophie in advance to see if they qualify.

A few of our Mini Cirque volunteers have now become instructors for our summer day camp.

Contact us for more information.

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