Hooping for adults

Why should kids have all the fun?

The fall session has begun but you can drop-in to a class any time or sign up for the rest of the session at the pro-rated price. Registration for the winter session begins November 15th. 

SeasonLevelDatesTimeCostRegister here
FallBeginnerMondays Sept 11-Dec 186:15-7:15pm$210 for 14 classes
FallIntermediate* Wednesdays Sept 6-Dec 138:15pm-9:15pm$240 for 16 classes
WinterBeginnerMondays Jan 8 - Mar. 12 (excl. Feb 19)6:00pm-7:00pm$135 for 9 classes

WinterIntermediate*Wednesdays Jan 10 - Mar. 148:30pm-9:30pm$150 for 10 classes

Exercise doesn’t have to be so seriousOttawa_Circus_School_Sophie_hooping Sophie Latreille LR.

Hooping is feel-good fitness! Have fun while you exercise, shape your core and meet new people.  The custom hoops used are not ‘kids hula hoops’, The beginner hoops are larger (35 to 42 inches) and heavier (0.5 to 1 lb), allowing them to rotate more slowly around your body. More experienced hoopers begin to use smaller lighter and more versatile hoops between 30 and 35 inches. This means that even if you think you can’t hoop, with one of these hoops you can, regardless of age, size, or sense of rhythm. You’ll be keeping the momentum going while learning tricks before you know it.  This is a great cardiovascular workout and builds muscle tone.  The whole class is set to upbeat music and taught by professional hula-hooper Sophie Latreille of Fire Weavers and Mini Cirque performance troupe.

*Intermediate/advanced level class: If you’ve mastered some hula hoop basic moves, now take your hooping skills to the next level and learn intermediate and advanced moves. Grow your repertoire of tricks in order to allow freedom of movement and personal expression as you move with your hoop. Become more comfortable moving with the hoop and have fun with choreography. Prerequisite: Being very comfortable hooping on the waist while turning, walking and moving your arms as well as having mastered basic off-body moves.

For the basic level, no experience necessary!

DrOttawa_Circus_School_Sophie_hooping_2op in for your first class in the first half of the session or better yet sign up for the whole progressive session.

All level classes are for the absolute beginner to the advanced student. Instruction is offered with basic and more complex variations so that everyone can get something out of the class.

Hoops are available for use during class and for sale.

Interested in buying an adult sized hoop? Check out the beautiful and high quality hoops at HoopCanada . See description lower down about choosing the right size hoop.

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Dress code: Ideal clothing is stretchy and non ‘slippery’ such as cotton yoga clothes. For comfort avoid clothing with buttons and zippers. Hoops are provided during class. You can be barefoot, in socks or have clean indoor shoes.

 Playing with the right kind of hoop

When telling people that I teach hooping classes, many people remember trying out a hula hoop from a toy store and dropping it after one or two rotations around the waist. Some have fond childhood memories of spinning the hoop on their waist for hours. Hooping classes are so much more…

First of all we use pro-hoops for the classes. Our adult beginner hoops (Earth hoops) are usually between 38 and 43 inches in diameter, much bigger than toy store hoops and heavier too, weighing in approximately 1/2 lb to 1 lb. The size and weight of the hoop allows it to rotate more slowly and gracefully around the waist. This enables you to hoop more easily and also to learn to hoop on all part of the body – in all kinds of different figures and angles. This makes for a one hour class that is interesting, fun and challenging and a hoop practice that keeps you challenged but offers many different variation of movement. The hoops are decorated with grip tape, which prevents them from slipping, and eliminates the frustration some people have when trying to hoop with a ‘toy store kids hoop’. Intermediate or petite hooper will like our lighter 1/2 lb hoops (Air Hoops) about 34 to 37 inch diameter.

After the first class or three, hooping on the waist and some basic tricks become comfortable. As the session progresses, you learn to hoop on you hips, legs, neck and torso as well as off the body, manipulating the hoops with your hands and arms. You will also learn combo choreographies that link all the moves together. This is all set to music, and enables a workout for your whole body that is so much fun that you barely realize that you’ve been exercising for an hour. Hooping strengthens mostly your core and arms but works your whole body as well. Low impact cardio gets your heart rate up and adrenaline pumping. Most students leave the class smiling and inspired.

Visit HoopCanada website to shop for a hoop a high quality hoop for pick up in Ottawa or shipping in Canada.

Here’s what a few of my students have had to say about the beginner and intermediate hooping class:

-I’m excited [about hooping class] it gives me something to look forward to each week!

-I’m super motivated! Merci!

-I like how [Sophie] emphasized fun and enjoyment during the class.

-Awesome class!

hooping on the waist_small

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