Adult – Acroyoga

There are currently no acroyoga classes being offered. We hope to bring it back one day when we have coaches to teach it.

What is acroyoga?

Acroyoga (aka Acrobatic Partner Yoga or Contact Yoga)

Acroyoga is a community activity. We support each other in lifting each other up, literally and figuratively. From week to week, the coaches will teach you pr gressions towards some fun sequences of partner lifts and make sure you get into some good habits to avoid injury and progress your technique each class. We work mainly in groups of 3 and rotate between positions of base, flyer and spotter and we practice on a padded gymnastic floor. Each class contains strength-building and stretching so you can build strength and flexibility as you practice.

You are welcome to come with a friend or 2 or come alone. Most people come alone and we match up into groups of 3 in class. More info on the different levels as well as videos below. You can join anytime, even if the session has already started. Hope to see you there!

You can join anytime as a dr-to-n or join the session as a regular weekly student as long as the class isn’t full.

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More about Acroyoga

Partner lifts with a yogic consciousness.

Yoga concepts of good body alignment, movement and breath are mixed with hand to hand techniques, the strength training of acrobatics and the playful kindness of community building, all with a dash of dance aesthetics. No matter what your previous experience is, we will guide you to achieve fluid transitions through postures that might seem inaccessible, but can be attained through practice, techniques and partner awareness.

Throughout the session, participants will be supported in order to move confidently into progressive postures, with safe spotting techniques.

So join the playful fitness movement for fun-filled evenings of partner postures, counterbalancing and lifts!

Hope to see you there!


Beginner/all-level classes: Great for anyone who is just starting out or a few years into their practice. No experience is necessary. Discover how some of those impressive lifts are actually accessible to you. Week to week you’ll progress and build strength and flexibility to master the basic lifts.

Intermediate level classes: For those who have solid basics and are ready to challenge themselves safely in more advanced progressions and transitions. Intermediate prerequisite: can demonstrate a strong understanding of spotting techniques and can base or fly solidly all of the following: bird to throne to bird, upward facing bird (plank) presses, shoulder stand, reverse shoulder stand, elevator (star to bat and back to star), cartwheel mount to bat, tick-tocks (side star to bat to side star), plus 1 minute plank and 30 second handstand at the wall.


Dress code: Wear fitted, stretchy clothes for going upside down.

You’re welcome with or without a partner; you’ll match up with others or with an instructor. We usually work in groups of 3.

Bring: A water bottle, as the tap water is good to drink.

More videos of instructors and the Ottawa community in practice: