Info for those registered for camp

Hello Parent,

Thanks for signing up your children to our awesome circus camp, we can’t wait to see you all next week.

1. Pick and drop –off

  • Morning drop-off will be between 8:45am and 9:00am
  • For those not in post-care pick up will be between 3:45pm and 4:00pm
  • For those in post-care you have until 5:30pm

2. End of the week show FRIDAY AT 3 PM or at 4 PM
Children will be creating an end-of-week performance with what they learned for the parent at the end of the day on each Friday. The show last more or less 45 minutes

3. Buying circus equipment
Children will have use of the circus school props for use during the camp, should they wish to buy their own juggling or other props to take home, or t-shirts or water bottles these are available for sale. Our checkout system onsite is not fast so it is best to pre-pay your item online and you can pick it up onsite. If paying cash please have exact change.

4. Items to bring: Each item clearly labeled with the child’s name


  • Backpack
  • Sunscreen


  • Lunch box with ice pack (there is no fridge nor microwave)
  • Lots of food, kids get hungrier than usual with training
  • No peanuts and no nuts
  • Suggestion for nutrition during circus camps to the discretion of the parents: for the kids to fully benefit from the circus training, we recommend that the kids avoid breakfast, lunches and snacks with high sugar content. These types of food are not recommended for a day full of intensive physical activity, as these foods are harmful to concentration, moods and endurance. High-protein foods and fruits and vegetables are ideal during training.
  • Ziploc baggies for their lunch wrappers, apple cores etc, children bring home any waist they bring
  • Water bottles

Clothing-important please read carefully.

  • Athletic clothing. For aerials: NO ZIPPERS, NO JEWELRY or any metal or plastic that can snag the aerial silks. Children will not be permitted on the aerial silks if their clothing has zippers of any metal or plastic that can snag. Leggings or track pants are good. A top that is either fitted or can tuck in to avoid it riding up when they go upside-down. Clothing that covers at least below the knee, shoulders and upper arms and the mid section are usually preferred for protecting the skin from burns on the aerial fabric. If the child arrives in shorts or crop top they will be permitted to do aerials but it may be less comfortable for them. Children can bring a pairs of legging to change into for the aerisl part of the day if they want to change. No jewelry that might snag the silks will be permitted please leave jewelry at home. No one wearing zippers will be permitted on the aerial apparatus. Long hair tied back is ideal.
  • Clean indoor closed-toed shoes for unicycling. We will work mostly barefoot inside but only clean indoor shoes are permitted for unicycles, if children do not have clean closed-toe shoes they will not be permitted to do unicycle that day.

What not to bring

  • Electronic games might have them missing out on the social aspects of camp, for teens please encourage them to keep their phones in their bag
  • Minimize other personal items. The exception is for children signed up for post-care can bring a book or game for themselves only for after care.

5. More circus?!

Your child loved the circus camp and wants to do more? Feel free to sign up for a second week of camp and they can continue to develop their skills. Each week they can progress further. We offer weekly circus classes for children as well as classes for adults year round at the Ottawa Circus School! Check out our schedule: