Check list for day camp

Circus Camp Checklist

Submit your pre-screening form every morning

Each items clearly labeled with the child’s name:


  • Backpack
  • Spray sunscreen for no contact application


  • Lunch box with ice pack (there is no fridge nor microwave)
  • Lots of food, kids get hungrier than usual with training especially outdoors
  • No peanuts and no nuts
  • Yoga mat or blanket for sitting on the grass to have lunch (double it if the ground is wet) and for draping over the crash mat which can get hot in the sun (fleece is not recommended since it can get hot in the sun, yoga mats are great , cotton blankets or towels are good too)
  • Suggestion for nutrition during circus camps to the discretion of the parents: for the kids to fully benefit from the circus training, we recommend that the kids avoid breakfast, lunches and snacks with high sugar content. These types of food are not recommended for day full of intensive physical activity, as these foods are harmful to concentration, moods and endurance. High protein foods and fruits and vegetables are ideal during training.
  • Ziploc baggies for their lunch wrappers, apple cores etc we leave no trace
  • 2 large water bottles, leak proof, filled each day before camps to minimise the use of touching the community thermoses. We suggest putting ice in the water bottles.
  • Cloth tissue or handkerchief if they have allergies or a condition that has them sneezing or coughing, or to wipe hands or sweat.


  • Good shoes that won’t slip off (sports sandals or runners are acceptable)
  • Swimsuit and towel for the splash pad if it is open and they want to cool off
  • Sun hat
  • Weather-appropriate athletic clothing with NO ZIPPERS NO JEANS SHORT or any metal or plastic that can snag the aerial silks. We will be fully outdoors it may be hot or cooler on some days. Leggings, track pants, short are all good. A top that is either fitted or can tuck in to avoid it riding up when they go upside-down.

What not to bring

  • Electronic games might have them missing out on the social aspects of camp, for teens please encourage them to keep their phone in their bag
  • Minimize other personal items. The exception is for children sign up to post-care can bring a book or game for themselves.