Hooping workshop with award Hooping Idol winner Maryeve Gaudreau

Special workshops October 21st

3 pm to 5 pm: Introduction to Multi-Hoops

Have you always dreamed of turning several hoops around your body? Then come to this workshop to get you started on the journey to multi-hoops. We will go beyond the basics of on-body hooping and learn impressive moves with 2, 3 and 4 hoops. We will solidify the basic hoop techniques in order to move confidently toward several hoops at once.



6:30 pm to 8:30 pm: Foot / Floor Hooping

At first, we will get comfortable with 1 hula-hoop on the foot. Once this is integrated, I have some challenges for you! We will also learn some technique to get smoothly from the ground to standing and from standing to the ground.



Price discounts:

Both workshop $70
Early bird, register before October 1st and save $5 on each workshop.

Register here

Maryeve is bilingual French/English

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