Registration Confirmation for Poi beginner workshop

Congratulations! You have registered and are now on the class list.Looking forward to seeing you there!

Here’s a message from Nick Woosley:

Hi! I’m glad you’re coming to the poi class!

Here’s your membership to the online course:

You will get the most out of this course if you complete the first two “sections” by the time we begin. The videos are easy to follow, so the only obstacle is procrastination!

Why start early? There are a few things in the beginning, like crossing one poi side-to-side while spinnig backward, that require several days to become “muscle memory.” It’s a neurological process that can’t be sped up. These simple moves are easy to learn, and they are the building blocks of the moves we will learn in class.

Thus, if you start a couple weeks early, following the online videos to learn a few very simple things, then we can spend our class time learning more complex moves.

Don’t procrastinate! Trust me, it will be easy, and you’ll thank yourself when you see how much you’ll learn in the classes!