We are calling on the people of Ottawa to support this project with us. The Ottawa Circus School benefits Ottawa in so many ways and we hope that you will help us out. I invite you to donate any amount that you feel is appropriate or join our team of investors to continue to develop this vision in the amazing reality taking shape.

You could happily say you were a part of making the vision become a reality. Thank you in advance!

Back this project! You can send a donation with credit card or cheque.

Donate by cheque to ‘Ottawa Circus School’ mail to: 2275 Gladwin Cres., Ottawa, ON, K1B 6K9

Also please contact us if you would like to be a Friend of the Ottawa Circus School (monthly donation) …

By supporting this project you are helping to make it possible for a venue to exist that will:

-Provide people of Ottawa at all levels of skill (beginner to pre-professional) with a facility that will have all the circus equipment, safety equipment, expertise and instructors to offer high quality programs. Perhaps you are interested in trying out some of the classes for yourself or your children.

Provide professional artists-instructors with space to teach. Perhaps you are a professional who would want to teach here.

-Provide a space and equipment for the people of Ottawa to learn circus arts with experts in the field. Perhaps you are interested in learning or having your kids learn circus arts. You will be able to enjoy participating in fun fitness in a space that is laid out specifically for circus arts with enough space, ceiling height, equipment, safety precautions and ambiance, all conducive to high quality programming.

Provide a community hub for the circus arts in Ottawa/Gatineau. Perhaps you have been training for a while and would like an affordable space where you can practice indoors year round and meet with like-minded individuals to share skills and ideas.

-You will be contributing to something that will have a huge positive effect on our city, giving youth positive, healthy activities and giving adults fun fitness and an opportunity to be playful and creative.

Back this project !

Donate by cheque to ‘Ottawa Circus School’ mail to: 2275 Gladwin Cres., Ottawa, ON, K1B 6K9

Offer to gift some skills as a volunteer or check out our wish list to donate needed items

If you are a business and wish to be an official sponsor please contact us for the sponsorship package.

Thank you in advance we can make this happen with you support!