Vertical aerial dance for adults

For the FIRST TIME vertical dance is offered in Ottawa!

Registration for the winter session begins on November 15th.

The fall session is full, to join the waiting list or be notified if we add another class to the schedule please click the register now button then ‘add to waiting list’.

Vertical dance schedule and registration lins

SeasonLevelDatesTimeCostRegister here
FallAll levelsThursdays Sept 7th-Dec 21st7:15-8:15pm
$240 for 16 classes
WinterBeginnerThursdays Jan 11th- Mar 158:30-9:30pm
$150 for 10 classes
WinterIntermediateThursdays Jan 11th- Mar 157:15-8:15pm
$150 for 10 classes

Vertical Dance and Harness Dance – Look-Up* technique

Vertical dance is a fun and exhilarating circus art form that uses a harness to perform acrobatics moves on a wall or in the center of the room. In this class you’ll be lead to learn the various Look-Up* techniques.

* Look-Up is a company founded by Vincent Polinquin-Sims which specializing in the type of aerial arts in which the participant will perform acrobatic movements and dance wearing a harness on the aerial lines which are attached to the ceiling. These types include traditional vertical dance where the participant has their feet on the wall, hanger harness, bungee dance and harness-dance work on the ground. The course is designed for people with some experience or skills in either dance, theater, acrobatics,aerial arts, other circus arts or other similar fitness activities.

Instructor: Vincent Poliquin-Simms and Maxime Nadeau

Classes are led by a qualified instructor, jams are open practices with no instruction.

*Some previous acrobatic or aerial training is suggested

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During the training, the participant will be able to
– develop their strength to be practice these arts aesthetically
– develop a sense of spatial orientation
– learn basic safety of dancing in a harness- develop his or her own personality as an aerial dancer and participate in the creation of new choreographies

Dress code : Wear athletic clothing that is stretchy but fitted so you can move freely and go upside down. Pants, leggings or shorts with minimum mid-thigh length (were the harness arrives on the leg). Absolutely no zippers, buttons, eyelets, plastic or metal of any kind on clothing. Barefoot is ideal. Shoe are allowed but MUST be indoor shoes, very clean with white soles only.

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More videos of our coaches in action

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